Theros Beyond Death Standard Decklists!

This will be updated periodically throughout the week (and we’ll post on social media when we do so). Expect another update tonight at some point.

All links are to Scryfall, the best deck-builder and MTG search engine in the universe. Remember that you can view the deck in “visual” and use Snipping Tool for easy (ish) image sharing!

Gerry’s Decklists

Mono-Black Devotion

Mono-Blue Devotion / Nyx Lotus

Mono-White Devotion

Mono-White Lifegain

Rakdos Ox

Drowned Phoenix

Simic Ramp

Gruul Aggro

Gruul Fires

Dimir Midrange

Orzhov Blessing

Bant Incarnation


Mono-White Enchantments

Esper Incarnation

Mono-Black Sacrifice

Mono-Blue Fires

Second update:

Mono-Green Devotion

Sultai Incarnation

Orzhov Aggro Enchantments

Selesnya Enchantress

Mono-Green Enchantress

Sultai Food Incarnation

Bryan’s Decklists

Jeskai Fires

Agent Ramp

Grixis Midrange

Mono-Black Devotion

Mono-Blue Devotion Self-Mill

Rakdos Discard


Bant Enchantments

Mono-Green Devotion

Mono-Green Stompy

Rakdos Sacrifice

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