The Library

If you’re new to Magic, there is no better resource than Reid Duke’s “Level One” series of articles.

Level One

Thoughtseize You

One of the most important pieces of Magic theory was penned by Mike Flores and is a must-read.

Who’s the Beatdown?

Patrick Chapin has basically done it all in Magic, and that includes a mammoth library of incredible articles. Here, he compiles a list of must-read articles.

The Magic Curriculum

Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa is one of the most decorated and beloved authors in the Magic community, and for good reason.


The Rule

Former Arena Decklists podcast co-host and current member of the Wizards of the Coast Play Design team Michael Majors was no slouch to breaking formats and producing quality theory articles that fundamentally changed how people approached Magic.


Although currently a member of the Wizards of the Coast Play Design team, Jadine Klomparens was one of the most influential writers in Magic.

The Depth of Magic

Adversarial Sequencing

Magic has a ton of math, and Frank Karsten is a Hall of Famer and math wiz with a ton of different articles on the subject.

How Many Lands Do You Need To Consistently Hit Your Land Drops?