The GAM Podcast is now Arena Decklists!


Y’all might have noticed things look a little different. We have officially rebranded!

Why the rebrand?

Magic is entering a new era. With Wizards of the Coast taking esports seriously and MTG Arena being a massive hit, we needed to change along with it. We fully expect Magic to have a large influx of new players and want our podcast to be as easy to find as possible.

When Michael Majors, Andrew Brown, and I started this podcast, we never dreamt of it going this far. Years later (now with Bryan Gottlieb as the co-host), we’ve quadrupled our fanbase, cultivated an incredible community within our Discord channel, helped countless Magic players up their game, and are part of the weekly routine of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

In order for The GAM Podcast to continue growing, we decided to ditch the original name since it had little to do with our subject matter and was difficult to find. Earlier this year, I started the @arenadecklists Twitter account, and since it’s blown up, it made sense to merge the two brands.


What changes?

As far as the podcast is concerned, basically nothing. Bryan and I still plan on doing five episodes per month with the same emphasis on keeping you up to date on the latest technology. We’re always looking for the best ways to provide value to our community, so don’t be surprised if we try some new things in the future.

Earlier this year, I took on a lot of commitments by adding the Magic Pro League and commentary for StarCityGames to my already full plate. As a result, our website never really got off the ground in the way I wanted it to.

I want that to change and will be sure to keep y’all posted when it does.

How are we celebrating?

We are finally making merch! We knew a rebrand was coming, so we held off on making shirts and ordering additional sleeves knowing that our old branding would soon be defunct.

If you sign up for our $7 Patreon tier by May 31st, you will get an Arena Decklists t-shirt mailed to you by the end of June. After that, shirts will be sent to those who have been $7 Patrons for three months.

We’re currently running low on sleeves, so the t-shirts will take the place of sleeves at the $7 tier for now, but we’re looking into getting new sleeves made ASAP. There will also be some additional value adds to some of the other tiers, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Bryan and I are constantly humbled and honored by the kind words and support from the community. It’s your love of the cast that keeps us going each week. We honestly cannot thank our listeners, our Patrons, and those who help spread our content through word of mouth enough.

Welcome to the Arena Decklists Podcast! We’re going to be around for a very, very long time.

@arenadecklists (soon!)

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