Standard, Or Something

Ostensibly, this is an episode of a Magic: the Gathering podcast focused on Standard. There will be talk about good cards and good decks. There will also be talk about general malaise, the end of a content creation era, and what the future holds for the Arena Decklists crew. Take the good with the bad, and have a listen.

Mega Man 2 “Ending theme”
Remix by zookun | Music composed by Manami Matsumae & Takashi Tateishi

Alchemy Historic updates – 6:36
Standard – 23:38
Content discourse – 50:09

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  1. I can’t wait for you to stream again, been subscribed to your Twitch ‘for ages’! 17 days since your last stream though. 😉 Also, the many formats might make it difficult. I’m mainly here for Standard and Modern on Arena.

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