Standard Is Keeping Us Hooked


Standard has been through some tough times over the past year, but this current incarnation is proving to be a return to form. As Gerry and Bryan get ready to make their return to the caster’s booth for the Red Bull Untapped Finals, they’re unpacking the results of last weekend’s league play. What do they have to say for Yorion? Did Bryan trick everyone into playing a bad deck Week 1 AGAIN? What’s the plan for the upcoming Arena Open? All this and more on this week’s episode!

Mega Man 2 “Ending theme”
Remix by zookun | Music composed by Manami Matsumae & Takashi Tateishi

Red Bull Untapped – 1:04
MPL Rivals results – 8:10
Temur – 24:41
Gruul Adventures – 35:55
Arena Open – 46:14
Question of the week – 56:29

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