#MTGELD Decklists!

Throne of Eldraine is almost upon us, and we here at Arena Decklists have been tirelessly brewing. We’ll be updating this file sporadically during the week (and Tweeting any large updates).

Here are some of Gerry’s decklists:

Mono-Green Aggro

Orzhov Knights

Rakdos Aggro

Selesnya Tokens

Naya Feather

Bant Vannifar

Esper Hero

Bant Superfriends

Jeskai Superfriends

Sultai Dreadhorde

Sultai Food

Karn Golos


Mono-Black Aristocrats

Mono-Black Aggro

Gruul Aggro

Aggro Fires

Elemental Fires

Boros Feather

Dimir Cauldron

Simic Flash

Izzet Draw2

Here are some of Bryan’s decklists:

Mono-Red Cavalcade

Mono-Red Aggro

Mono-Green Proliferate

Mono-Black Aristocrats

Orzhov Knights

Izzet Arcanist

Izzet Irencrag Phoenix

Temur Phoenix

Dimir Flash

Mono-Black Discard

Golgari Adventures

Sultai Food

Dimir Affinity

Dimir Cauldron

Dimir Karn Cauldron

Rakdos Reanimator

Azorius Wish Control

Escape Gates

Fires of Invention / Niv-Mizzet Reborn

Friend of the cast Yoman5 has also been building 50 or so new decks with each set release and you can find his decklists here:


If you have any decklists you think have potential, don’t hesitate to share them with us! Special thanks to Scryfall for their awesome deckbuilder.

2 Replies to “#MTGELD Decklists!”

  1. Am I reading this right? Your WG tokens deck has the Lovelorn Beast but also Harmonious Archon and Trostani Discordant. Both of those creatures turn your 1/1s into 2/2s or higher. So if you’re playing on curve, by turn 5 or 6, you’ve disabled your Lovelorn Beast where he just sits as a 5/5 blocker. This seems like a bad inclusion. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding the rules here as I’m fairly new.

    1. It works how you think it does, but each card is good on their own. If you stick Archon or Trostani, you don’t need a 5/5 anymore. Plus, they probably have to kill the 5/5 before you play your bigger cards anyway.

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