Ikoria Standard Decklists!

This will be updated periodically throughout the week (and we’ll post on social media when we do so). Expect another update tonight at some point.

All links are to Scryfall, the best deckbuilder and MTG search engine in the universe. Remember that you can view the deck in “visual” and use Snipping Tool for easy (ish) image sharing! 

Gerry’s Decklists

Mardu Humans

Izzet Phoenix

Azorius Flyers

Selesnya Artifacts

Sultai Nethroi

Devo Nethroi

Golgari Nethroi

Bryan’s Decklists

Rakdos Sacrifice

Simic Escape Protocol

Fiend Artisan Gyruda

Mono-Blue Mutate

Yorion Cycling

Four-Color Drakkis

Fiend Artisan Mono-Black Devotion

Umori Mono-Black Devotion

Leylines and Lukkas

Dimir Flash

Jeskai Midrange

Izzet Discard 

Jeskai Cycling

Umori Mutate

Sultai Umori Combo

Umori Gruul

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