Definitely Not a Top 10 Show

With the boys hitting levels of pre-release excitement not seen for quite some time, they’re queuing up a new approach for their review of the “best” cards in The Brothers’ War. Hear, in no particular order, the 10ish cards that got their creative juices flowing and have them stoked to play with Magic’s latest set!

Mega Man 2 “Ending theme”
Remix by zookun | Music composed by Manami Matsumae & Takashi Tateishi

Blanchwood Prowler – 6:00
Fortified Beachhead – 10:49
Hostile Negotiation – 17:17
Lay Down Arms – 27:07
Obliterating Bolt – 31:24
Arcane Proxy – 38:44
Third Path Iconoclast – 44:55
Bladecoil Serpent – 49:22
Citanul Stalwart – 53:58
Phyrexian Fleshgorger – 1:02:08


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