Deck Of The Day: Modern – Mono-Blue Ninjas

You can’t do a return to Kamigawa set without some Ninjas, and Wizards of the Coast didn’t disappoint. Ninja fans got a little bit of everything, including a version to play in Standard and a ninja planeswalker that’s shown up in multiple formats thus far. The star of these decks has been Moon-Circuit Hacker, so it’s not surprise to see it show up in older formats alongside Ninja of the Deep Hours to give these decks some redundancy. A long time ago, I played a deck at US Nationals that was solid when I drew Ninja of the Deep Hours and mediocre without it. I didn’t draw my Ninjas very often, so I sympathize with those looking for some redundancy.

Although a Mono-Blue Tempo strategy might not shine in every Modern metagame, a pile of cheap threats, twelve counterspells, and some card advantage is about as good as you can get in some matchups. Some matchups, like Boros Burn, might be exceptionally difficult, although I could see this deck holding its own against something like Grixis Death’s Shadow, even though it’s fairly low to the ground. Maybe the blue tempo decks finally have enough tools to be more than a metagame choice.

It’s also worth nothing that outside of a few card choices, this is mostly a Pauper deck. Without the Force of Negations, the deck is relatively cheap overall. If you’re trying to get into Modern as cheaply as possible, this could be a fun, viable alternative. Force of Negations aren’t 100% necessary, but you can probably find some friends to loan you some copies.

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