Deck Of The Day: Modern – Izzet Ascension

These sorts of decks always get me in trouble. I played Pyromancer Ascension to disastrous results at Nationals and almost played a version at the first Modern Pro Tour. Despite that, this list is very tempting. I never learn my lesson.

Pyromancer Ascension decks used to be all-in on their namesake, but now you have Underworld Breach as a backup plan. Once you have Ascension on the battlefield and fully charged, a single Discover the Impossible will probably win the game on its own. The cantrips and card selection are good, the removal is good, and we have an ample amount of engines. So, what’s the problem?

First of all, there’s no stack interaction. Old versions of the deck used to play Remand to at least have a fighting chance against big mana and other combo decks. Secondly, this is a combo deck that isn’t great at winning from nothing. It’s not uncommon to need to untap with Pyromancer Ascension at least once in order to win the game and harder to win when you’re facing lethal damage and don’t already have an Ascension on the battlefield. Plus, Leyline of the Void or Rest in Peace is basically lights out. Aria of Flame is something that could solve the latter issue though.

If you don’t care about those issues or think they can be fixed with some fine-tuning, you should give the deck a try. If nothing else, I guarantee you’ll have a blast.

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