Deck Of The Day: Modern – Cascade Zoo

When Modern Horizons 2 came out, we saw a plethora of different Scion of Draco / Territorial Kavu decks attempt to revitalize the good ole days when Wild Nacatl was playable. Given cards like Solitude and Fury, attacking with fair creatures quickly became a losing strategy. A few lists have popped up here and there that were able to navigate those poor matchups with cards like Stubborn Denial, but they never held.

Was Bloodbraid Marauder the answer? As someone who was high on the card when it was released (and honestly still is), I’m not surprised, especially when you’re using to do unfair things like only cascade into Crashing Footfalls. Of course, getting delirium while not playing cards with a mana value less than two can be difficult, but that’s where the split cards come in. Both Carnival/Carnage and Incubation/Incongruity count as both an instant and sorcery in your graveyard for delirium. You can usually expect to have a fetchland, so that leaves only one more card type. Fury does an excellent job, but I’m surprised to see zero copies of Street Wraith, as it would enable the most Turn 2 Bloodbraid Marauders.

Given enough time, one of your creatures or Wrenn and Six will surely die, so you’ll have delirium eventually. Shardless Agent won’t necessarily always cascade into Crashing Footfalls, but hitting Wrenn and Six or Territorial Kavu are both powerful. After sideboarding, you can set up your deck to always hit Alpine Moon against a deck like Tron or for your bigger cascade cards to hit Weather the Storm. Overall, this deck is highly innovative and does a ton of work to breath life into some fun cards that might be collecting dust in your binder.

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