Deck Of The Day: Modern – Abzan Midrange (Lurrus)

Look, I know Abzan Midrange isn’t the sexiest archetype out there, but surely you can appreciate the ingenuity here. Urza’s Saga showing up in Golgari decks alongside a companion Lurrus isn’t bold, but moving toward Esper Sentinel and Stoneforge Mystic certainly is. The artifact count for Urza’s Saga constructs has always been relatively low in the Golgari versions, but the additional artifacts (including Portable Hole) make me much happier about the situation. Even playing Cranial Plating isn’t out of the question.

Stoneforge Mystic even has some new toys! Both Lion Sash and Blade of the Oni are reasonable threats on their own, but look even better when it means you get to keep Lurrus as a companion. We might not have the power of cards like Sword of Fire and Ice, Batterskull, or Kaldra Compleat, but we do still maintain a reasonable selection of toys.

Adding Esper Sentinel to a deck that plays the long game might seem odd. It’s not the best topdeck, plus your opponent’s should have ample mana to pay the tax the longer the game goes. However, it’s a cheap body that can wear equipment that also happens to be an artifact. Plus, Blade of the Oni and Cranial Plating can ensure the Esper Sentinel becomes too large to pay for.

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