Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Back In

Magic: Arena must have gotten word that Gerry and Bryan felt spurned lately, because they came back this week with a desperate plea to keep them gaming and spending wildcards. A new format, organized play, de-emphasizing ladder… it almost sounds too good to be true. But was it enough to win the boys back? Listen and find out!

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The Top 10 Cards of New Capenna

New Capenna is almost here, and if you’re looking to find out who will be running these Streets after it’s release, you’ve come to the right place. Hint: his name starts with an “O” and ends with a “B”.

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New Capenna Previews Continue

Treasure these days before we get to fully dive into the treasure that is Streets of New Capenna. What new treasures will we be adding from this set to our treasuries? What will United States Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen name as the card she treasures the most?

Also, does returning to the same mechanics repeatedly have diminishing returns? Listen and find out!

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Unemployment, Tanukis, and Kamigawa

It’s been an interesting week in Magic: the Gathering. This episode talks about everything you’ve been wanting to know, and some things you most definitely did not want to hear about. Descriptions won’t do this justice, so just take a listen.

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Listen to this Pioneer Episode or You Never Get Another One

This is it friends. Your one chance. A lot of people have been professing their love for Pioneer lately. Despite our fears that we might be making our least listened to episode ever, we caved and gave you our review of all the decks in the latest Pioneer deck dump. If you love Pioneer, this is your moment!

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The Modern Deck Dump Is Back Again

An Arena Decklists classic returns! Gerry and Bryan are trolling through the Modern league results to see what’s popping in everyone’s favorite format. Why do they hate your favorite deck? Listen and find out!

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