Brothers’ War Arrives With a… Noise?

Gerry and Bryan want to get excited about Brothers’ War, but with barren Standard tournament attendance and no Standard streamers on Twitch, where are new cards supposed to go to get showcased? Is it time to give up and make every set Modern Horizons? The boys make due with what they’ve got and share their stories from Standard and even talk a little Pioneer in advance of the upcoming Regional Championship.

Mega Man 2 “Ending theme”
Remix by zookun | Music composed by Manami Matsumae & Takashi Tateishi

Why aren’t people playing Standard? – 7:22
Standard metagame – 22:32
Is Black still dominant? – 28:57
Other decks Gerry looked at – 37:22
Limited – 50:55
Pioneer – 58:46


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