Adam Hernandez

Adam “yoman5” Hernandez is an up-and-coming pro player, recently earning an invite to MC Cleveland with a top 8 finish at GP Milwaukee. He has a strong focus on figuring out key aspects of decks, matches, and gameplay, digging past the what to figure out the why. In addition to his written content, Adam regularly streams on Twitch.

Building with Bond of Revival

Yoman5 brings you 5 new decks built around Bond of Revival and Ilharg the Raze-Boar. Why pay full cost for your biggest threats and wait a turn when you can cheat them into play and attack the same turn?!

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Lessons Learned from Rogue Decks

Adam “yoman5” Hernandez has spent the week playing off the wall decks for science, and is reporting back with his findings! You can find find his thoughts on individual decks on his twitter @yoman_5

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